Miley Cyrus Finally Shows Her Vagina On Stage

Miley Cyrus vagina

After nearly showing her vagina for months while traveling all over the world on her “Bangerz” tour, Miley Cyrus has finally removed the thin layer of spandex it was hiding behind and exposed her lady cave in all its glory.

As you can see, Miley proudly spreads eagle and shows her smooth gash while on stage in the photo above. Of course Miley showing off her cock pocket was inevitable as she is on a secret mission from Allah to accelerate the decline of Western society by promoting epic levels of depravity.

It is just a matter of time now before Miley’s pop star contemporaries Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande follow suit and start showing their cooters on stage in the never ending race to the bottom that is infidel popular culture. Once these celebrity pop star vaginas are being freely and willing exposed in public, the West will collapse into a chaotic black hole of degeneracy and us righteous Muslims while ride in on our war camels and establish a holy Islamic caliphate which will last until the end of days.